Reiki treatment testimonials:

"I contacted Lucinda in search of some healing after I’d had an emotional rough patch at home, and wanted to clear myself and my apartment of any negative energy. 

Lucinda came to my home and explained the process to me calmly: Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and Reiki. 

All of this was quite new to me but she was gentle and clear in explaining what would happen in each part and I felt immediately safe and comforted in her presence. 

The yoga and the meditation helped focus and relax me, it wasn’t anything too strenuous and I felt at ease with the movements and exercises. The sound healing felt incredible, the vibrations from the bowls was a sensation that was new to me but felt so lovely and therapeutic. 

Lucinda then used stones on my chakra’s and performed some reiki on me. I experienced strong sense of smells when Lucinda focused on different areas of my body. The first overwhelming smell was that of a new-born baby, I didn’t know it yet, but I was actually 2 weeks pregnant at the time of my session with Lucinda. 

At the end a poem was read to me, which was so beautiful and I felt so unbelievably relaxed, calm and relieved that I cried (happy tears). 

We ended with a hug and I can safely say it was one of the most relaxing, healing and magical experiences of my life. 

Thank you Lucinda."

- Eve J

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a healing session with Lucinda recently. I didn’t fully know what to expect but felt instantly comfortable and in safe and calming hands from beginning to end. The space was set up beautifully too which created a serene atmosphere. After explaining what we’d do throughout the session, we started with some very gentle yoga and stretches. After this we went into the sound and reiki healing. Lucinda gently explained what she was doing and her magical, meditative voice carried me deeper into relaxation. What amazed me most about the experience was how incredibly still my entire body was throughout. I’ve spent months not being able to sit or lay comfortably due to back pain. I felt weightless during and after the session and it continued for days after. The vibrations from the bowls carried down into my core and the energy that shot up and down my legs when Lucinda placed her hands on my knees was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. What I felt and realised at the end of the session is how I’ve allowed myself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Dedicating this time to myself and receiving the healing love and support from Lucinda opened my eyes to a form of self-care and love that I’d recommend to anyone and wish to practice more regularly for myself."

- Amy D

"I had been having a hard week but I immediately found myself at ease with Lucinda, you really feel a positive energy and know you are in a safe and relaxing environment. Lucinda took the time to listen and understand what state I was in before the energy healing session which made me comfortable and allowed me to immerse myself into the experience. 

During the energy healing session, I felt various sensations, I was so relaxed but conscious, at times so comfortable during it that I fell asleep for a second or two! But in particular I felt a tingling almost pins and needles like and a very distinct change in temperature to cold sensation in my feet, a feeling as if energy was flowing through my body and omitting out of my feet, it's difficult to describe but as if negative energy was being drawn out of me. After the session, I felt in a calm state in comparison from how I arrived and felt before the session, where I was tired and slightly sad, I came out of this in a very peaceful and present state and really felt this was of benefit to me. 

Thanks again Lucinda!"

- Vu H

"Very relaxing. Lucinda had laid out a pampering environment with candles and crystals. As I lay down and closed my eyes I could feel myself matching my breathes to hers. 

During the session, I felt like I was getting progressively deeper rest and heavier in my body as she worked. Colours such as red, orange and purple kept washing through my minds’ eye. I could feel cold air rising out from my pelvis, like I was letting go of tensions, this continued a little while after the session. I felt my spine gently ripple and my chest stretch open at different points. I felt little tingly sensations flickering in my brain as she worked near my head even though she never actually touched me. Sometimes I’d get very brief dreamlike flashes of people or scenes I hadn’t thought about in while. I remember how strong and powerful the smell of lavender was, like my senses had been reawakened. 

After I felt so much calmer; peaceful and grounded. A great contrast from the scattered, stressed person who walked in. My eyes were noticeably brighter, my shoulders physically more relaxed and I felt more connected to myself. I moved with purpose and I felt like there was a river of serene energy still running through me. I was so much more productive for the rest of the afternoon because my brain felt sharper and more focused. 

Lucinda has a very beautiful presence when she is working, you feel very safe and that she instinctively knows the places that need work."

- Siobhán J.O

"I had an extremely relaxing healing session with Lucinda. When she was working on my head and face, I had visions and saw the colour green followed by a flash of pure white. I saw visions of purple as she worked around my lower abdomen and I experienced an electric sensation shoot up from my toes to my hips as she placed her hands on my knees. A really lovely experience. Thank you Lucinda."

- Nina V