Yoga session testimonials:

“I had amazing experience taking Lucinda's class. She set up beautiful sacred space and her presence and voice is just pure magic which makes you drop in a class and really be there for yourself. I felt like she lead the class very intuitively, offering me exactly what I needed. She also offered me gentle adjustments to make sure I get all the benefits of the pose, as well as avoid injury. After the class I felt extremely relaxed and balanced. I definitely recommend taking Lucinda's class as she will make sure you leave that class with exactly what you needed. ”

Gintare V - Private Session January 2018

"Yoga with Lucinda is one of the best decisions I have made during lockdown, With her beautiful voice guiding you through poses and breathing techniques. These classes have really helped me reconnect with myself. After every class I am left feeling so relaxed. Can’t recommend enough. Xx"

- Alex G 

"It's hard to express all the great things I want to say about your classes, but here's something from my heart to yours.

Lucinda your classes are wonderful!!!! I've done loads of various yoga and fitness classes including Yin but I find that the way you lead the class is absolutely amazing. As someone who usually does higher intensity training I get surprised every time again and again how such simple stretch poses done in a right way can be so challenging and powerful at the same time. My lower back has never felt more relieved: as if it's found it's place again and for that alone I could thank you for years.

But it's not only that... there is something particularly soothing about your voice gently encouraging to let go and listen to my body during the little Savasana breaks throughout the class. All that crowned by the powerful Yoga Nidra at the end really brings the feeling of relaxation and new connection with my soul and body which can be hard to achieve during stressful times. With every class I feel as if I've learned something new about myself and the effects last longer every time.

I do hope that your classes reach as many people as possible, so they can experience the benefits too. Thank you lady!!!!!"

- Simona M

"I absolutely love Lucinda’s Yin yoga with Yoga Nidra sessions. She always creates a wonderfully calming and comfortable atmosphere with lots of guidance and explanation, so even as someone new to these types of yoga it is easy to follow. The classes are the perfect length with wonderful music and guidance. They are an amazing way to re-set and centre yourself after a hectic day or week. I would recommend these sessions to everyone." 

- Beatrice S 

"I joined Lucinda's yin yoga classes at the start of lockdown and have been doing them every week since. I can honestly say they are the highlight of my week. I am more of a yang based yoga practitioner and don’t normally go to yin classes regularly. However, Lucinda has taught me the power of being still and slowing things down. She guides us through poses that aren’t too complicated that you feel like you can’t do them, instead you feel comfortable and safe. She finishes off with a yoga nidra that feels like a short therapy session in the sense that you feel weight has been lifted and much more at ease with whatever is happening in life. My favourite thing about Lucinda's yoga is her themes. Each week we explore a carefully thought out theme and it always resonates with my week ahead and beyond. I can’t recommend Lucinda's classes enough, I invited various friends along to her sessions throughout lockdown and they also sang her praises after. I look forward to our next class together!"

- Emma V.H

"Lucinda is an amazing yoga teacher. I’d never done Yin Yoga before and she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. After every session on Zoom I felt so at peace. So much so I recommended the sessions to many of my friends who also joined. Lucinda’s sessions made me regroup and find an inner peace. Xxx"

- Victoria M 

"I was recommended Lucinda’s yin/nidra class by a friend during lockdown and it has honestly been the most amazing way to break up a week. Her poses are very accessible (not lasting too long so no pins and needles!) and finishing with nidra is the perfect way to set yourself up for sleep. I would really recommend anyone to try Lucinda’s classes, they are amazing!"

- Helen F

"I have had the pleasure of practicing yin yoga with Lucinda on many occasions. I have been doing Hot Yoga for 2 years and did not know what to expect especially as the session was conducted over zoom. 

I found the sessions extremely beneficial. Lucinda’s calm demeanour instantly makes you feel at ease and every posture is clearly explained so even though you are not physically in a yoga studio the detail given leaves you in no doubt you are doing the posture correctly. I can’t recommend Yoga with Lucinda highly enough, the whole experience is truly inspiring."

- Paul S

"Participating in Lucinda's yin yoga class is one of the highlights of my week. She holds a nurturing space,  which gently, yet deeply opens up and relaxes the body, and focuses the mind in the present allowing all concerns to fall away. I always feel a sense of balance has been restored at the end of the class. 

Thank you for sharing your teaching gift."

- Sheli A